SBG is succesful because our clients get results. That’s right, SBG gets our clients…results. Why do we get results? SBG is the #1 radio station in Monroe County.

What does that mean for your business? It means SBG is reaching your past, present, and future clients. Let us help you brand an image of your business into our listeners brains. If people know who your are, they will buy from you. It’s that simple. The SBG difference is that our people love to help businesses succeed! Our people serve the community,  they serve businesses, and get results everyday for those businesses. They love what they do, and that is getting results!

To learn how you can receive 10 FREE commercials, click here to contact Pat Lincoln or give us a call at 570-421-2100 ext. 152.

It’s not just the power of radio that is important to SBG, it’s the passion of the people who work here. Our passion helps everyone around us succeed. From our clients to the community we live in. We’re people who build lasting relationships. We would like to thank all of our current clients for their partnerships with us, and we would like to invite you to join our family here at 93.5 SBG.

SBG, passionately serving our community.

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