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Christina Luna

Barcelona born entrepreneur Christina pioneered Latino radio in the Pocono region of Pennsylvania with “Your Voice with Christina”, a weekly magazine show.

Christina’s background includes influences from many cultures. She was brought up by a Catalan father and a Persian mother in Barcelona, Spain. She speaks Catalan, Spanish, Farsi and English. After graduating from college in Barcelona she became first a sales rep and then an executive for Wall Street English; troubleshooting their locations around Europe. But her dream was always about show business and entering the public spotlight. After she married (an American) she took up residence in the US and graduated from Michael Howard Acting Academy in New York City. She then began interning for Telemundo’s New York affiliate, and was soon hired as a full-time segment producer. This experience led to her going back to school and gaining a BA in Broadcast Journalism from University of Pennsylvania’s East Stroudsburg campus. While in school she created and began broadcasting a weekly Spanish language program on the campus FM station. It was the first Spanish language show in a region that had just learned from the 2010 US census that it was the third largest Latin community in the state. After two years, she used the show as a springboard to launch “Your Voice With Christina,” a two-hour magazine show, in English, on a radio station in Stroudsburg. The show featured a crew of regulars, weekly guests and entertainment segments ranging from true confessions to street interviews to a women’s club sharing their views of men. She found time to write, produce, and host the show while bringing up her daughter and tending to her husband and two cats.

About Me

I am married to Roberto, a transplant from Upstate New York who loves his name in Spanish. We have been blessed with our daughter Andrea who was born in 2015 and we live happily in the Poconos, PA in a small ranch house with our two cats, Kitty Black and Nevada. We are also surrounded by amazing nature and wonderful neighbors who have become a part of our family!!

My Interests

Among many of my interests I love reading, writing, music and reaching to my listeners on my radio show Cafe with Christina a place where I give them a voice. I love people and animals and I want our world and our planet be a better place for everyone. And above all I treasure the moments that I spend with my daughter Andrea where I discover the world through her. She is making me more aware of how to be a better person in every single detail. I also love spending time with my husband. Every time I spend with my family and friends, are moments I cherish as a treasure.

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