93.5 SBG- The Poconos Best Variety

Shinn Weeknights 7p-9p

First Joined SBG: November of 2009

Why I'm In Radio: It was an accident. I wanted to be a camera man for Channel 6 but, they never called me back!! I still hold a grudge

Hometown: Mt. Laurel, NJ

Hobbies: Any sport! I love all kinds of sports. Golf is my favorite to play, thought I can't watch it on TV. Too boring. Baseball is a close second. Then it's always a great game of badminton to get the blood flowing.

Favorite Foods and Drink: I think I love all food. If I had to choose something to live off of, it'd be cheese. I love cheese!! And salt, but salt really isn't in a food group. I had my cholesterol checked and it was 911.

Favorite Sports Teams:  Phillies!!!! Eagles!!!! Sixers!!!! Flyers!!!! Wings!!!!

Favorite SBG Artist: Eminem, Katy Perry, Pitbull.. anything that can make me shake my groove thang

Favorite Non SBG Artist: Phil Vassar

Favorite Destinations: Golf course in Myrtle Beach SC or Disney World

Favorite TV Show: Boardwalk Empire!! How could they kill Jimmy?!?! Bastards!!