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Hi, my name is Sal...this one time at band camp...

JUST KIDDING!! About the band camp thing...

No, really...I was kidding!!

I've lived in the Poconos my whole life, and grew up listening to SBG. From as long ago as I can remember, I wanted to be "that guy" on the radio. It was a dream of mine as a kid, that I forgot about until 2003. That was when I got my start in radio at WESS at East Stroudsburg University where I received my degree in Communications after deciding science and calculus wasn't for me!! At WESS I did an Oldies show for 5 years, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t spin some of your favorite pop hits as well…which I did for 3 years. I also did some work for sister station WVPO.

Meanwhile, I was also on the radio dial in the Lehigh Valley on WAEB-FM for several years, as well as on other local stations throughout the Lehigh Valley and Poconos before coming over to 935 SBG.When I’m not working on the radio, I enjoy being outdoors! Hiking, biking and any aspect of being outside is great! I can do without the yard work…but I guess that just goes along with the whole 'responsible adult' thing, but who is an adult!?

I also don’t mind getting in the kitchen and cooking. I’m all about any Italian dish! Spaghetti…pizza…you name it, I’ll make it! Other cuisine is good too, I need guidance at times. If it goes in the oven, that can be a problem...what's an oven thermometer??

Otherwise…I love vacationing down along the shore…the mountains are cool too, but we see a lot of that here! A hot day with a cool sea breeze does it for me!

I also enjoy watching TV (who doesn’t!) I get into some of the shows like Dallas (Who killed JR?), CSI and 24, and also the other shows that are just for thrills like Impractical Jokers, Operation Repo, Lizard Lick Towing (all those shows become addicting) and a bunch of other shows that I’m too old to be watching! (Hate to admit that last part but it's true...and no, not Teen Mom!) Oy, I think I watch too much TV!

Shoot me an e-mail (, to say hey and let me know what’s up…and thanks for listening to 935 SBG!

Sal's Blog

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