93.5 SBG- The Poconos Best Variety

Mick Ryder Saturday 7p-midnight

First Joined WSBG: 1991, left in 1994, came back in 1996, Left in 1999, came back in 2009.

Why I'm In Radio: I have No Clue?! Because i'm an idiot!?

Hometown: Someplace in Jersey

Hobbies: Hiking, Ham Radio

Favorite Foods and Drink: Lobsta, Baked Ham and Steak. Grolsh Beer, Patron XO Cafe, Jim Beam.

Favorite Sports Teams: NY Yankees.

Favorite Musician: Frank Zappa

Favorite Destinations: Boston Mass., Wildwood, NJ

Favorite TV Programs: Holmes Inspection, Income Property.

Mick's Website: www.retrosaturdaynight.com